QuanderQuality is an entity whose mission is to create a greater awareness and appreciation among both residents and visitors who wish to experience the rich legacy of the Greater Washington, D.C. Region.

Our objective is to share with the general public, through history, the uplifting values that were traditionally passed down from one generation to the next, emphasizing how the history of Washington, D.C. has influenced American values.

We guarantee the highest level of professionalism. Providing satisfaction to our clients is how we fulfill our mission, as we aim to create a loyal following among our clients, while minimizing the cost.



QuanderQuality is the operational name of a multi-faceted entity that was created to establish and deliver high-quality professional services in a number of disciplines. Initially conceived in 1984 as the Quander Historical Society, Inc., QuanderQuality was founded to document, preserve, protect, and share the legacy of the Quander Family, one of America’s oldest, consistently documented African-American families, with consistency since 1684 in Maryland. The society has broadened its outreach into branches, to provide tourism in the Greater Washington, D.C. area, as well as book publishing, and historical memorabilia.


Rohulamin Quander

Rohulamin Quander, author and multi-generational Washingtonian, is a member of the internationally renowned Quander Family, whose American lineage traces back almost 350 years in the Maryland and Virginia area. The family’s history includes involuntary servitude to George Washington at his Mount Vernon plantation. He earned both his B.A. and J.D. degrees from Howard University, Washington, D.C. Quander is a retired Senior Administrative Judge for the District of Columbia.

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Since 1684, an enduring African American Legacy

The selected title of this book, THE QUANDERS – Since 1684, an Enduring African American Legacy, is self-explanatory and becomes more so once the reader delves into the content. Tracing the legacy of Henry Quando and Margrett Pugg, his wife, and their progeny, from 1684 to the present, unfolds a story of triumph and sustained accomplishment beyond and in spite of whatever racially-inspired obstacles were placed as inhibitors on the road to success.

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The mission of QuanderQuality DC Tours is to provide guided tours of the Greater Washington, D.C. region that both educate and inspire. To that end, we serve as a sightseeing operator. In addition to guided tours of Monuments/Memorials and/or African American historical and cultural sites, we also offer tours tailored to your specific interests and needs. It was established to serve the needs of both residents and visitors who wish to experience the rich legacy of the Greater Washington, D.C Region. QuanderQuality DC Tours guarantees the highest level of professionalism. Our aim is to make your visit to D.C. educational, enlightening, memorable, and highly satisfactory.

QuanderQuality tour guides are members of The Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Washington, DC.


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